At AV-Tech Heating & Service Ltd., installing and servicing residential heating systems is our specialty. We love making a difference for families in our community by making sure they have reliable heating systems in their homes. Whether installing a new furnace or keeping the old one running smoothly, we bring our full expertise to each job.

We sell and install Lennox furnaces, as we believe they offer the best value and reliability for our customers. But we can service or repair furnaces or heating systems of any type. So if you need a reliable option for servicing your heating system, regardless of brand, look no further!


Commercial HVAC systems are often much larger and more complex than their residential counterparts, but that’s no problem for us. We offer experienced and fully qualified personnel who can handle any type of commercial heating job.

Whether it’s maintenance on an existing commercial HVAC system or a completely new setup for a new build, we can do it all. We are well versed in working on commercial projects and providing the additional quality and compliance measures needed for such jobs. We always ensure our staff maintains the required tickets, and we are fully insured and bondable for complete liability protection.

As with our residential systems, we sell and install Lennox for our commercial clients as well.

Why Lennox?

Lennox is one of the most reliable efficient furnaces you can get. Lennox has been in the business of providing quality heating solutions for more than a century. Their reputation has been built on the quality of their product, and that reputation has stood the test of time.

Despite having been around for so long, Lennox continues to push the envelope in terms of efficiency and the latest advances in technology. This combination of quality, reliability, and innovation is what Lennox stands for.

That’s why, whether it’s a small residential furnace or a large-scale commercial HVAC system, we recommend Lennox products for our customers. We stand by our products and know our customers have furnaces and heating systems that are well built, reliable and efficient.

  • Sales

    We sell quality furnaces you and your family can depend on. And should you need them, we stock the parts too.

  • Service

    We service what we sell, and everything else too! With experienced gasfitters on staff, we can handle any job.

  • Quality

    We are committed to quality to make sure you get what you pay for. That’s why we only sell the best.

  • Satisfaction

    By selling top quality products and providing professional service, we ensure customer satisfaction.